E-commerce business is expected to double in the next couple of years, multiplying an already massive volume. This represents not just consumers purchasing online but also business-to-business transactions, accelerating the very pace of business worldwide. If you’re in retail or manufacturing, are you ready for this transformational shift?

Cloud-enabled digital transformation shows the way forward. The new e-book from Intershop and Microsoft, Driving Business Transformation Through Cloud Commerce: Staying Ahead with Modern Commerce-as-a-Service, provides recommendations for a solution that:

  • Accommodates rapid growth in e-commerce volume
  • Captures maximum business opportunity through high availability
  • Keeps sensitive customer data secure through storage and handling
  • Simplifies complex sales transactions
  • Provides capabilities for omni-channel marketing
  • Makes it easy and straightforward to get personal support and technical expertise

Learn how to get up to speed on the future of “digital business” with a commerce solution that creates new value chains for growth and competitive advantage.