If you poke around on the Internet, you’ll find hundreds or even thousands of frameworks and platforms designed to make platform mobile development easy. There’s almost too many of them to keep track of, and nobody knows which ones are the best, and which ones are worthless. If you’re part of a one to five-person development shop, you can afford to play around at the options to see which works best for you and your apps, potentially even switching approaches between apps.

Larger development shops have to think big; the decisions they make around development approach and platform or framework selection have a long term impact on the cost and effectiveness of their development effort. Changing course months or years later means considerable expense migrating off of a flawed or abandoned platform to the shiny new approach. Development organizations must be smart, making the right choice at the app’s creation, knowing that the approach they’ve selected works for the long haul.

We’ve created this ebook to help you make smart choices about how you build modern mobile apps.